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Finding Heaven is a series of ten films or feature documentaries which believers can use as tools to present the Gospel to non-believers.  What makes them unique is that they show the Gospel instead of telling it—they are about real life experiences not theology.

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Finding Heaven was conceived to be media that offered convincing, believable examples of the Gospel in action to unbelievers, as well as believers who are struggling in some particular area of life.

We all face challenges in life. We hope to fall in love and get married, have health and financial security, and find the strength we need to overcome our “darker side”, and opposition from others.  And, all of us hope for peace in this world, and an end to suffering.

In other words, we’re all looking for an abundant life, or heaven on earth.

Finding Heaven was designed to be a catalog of films that document people’s actual experience with the God that Jesus revealed through his ministry.

These films include actual experiences people have had with God in their romances, marriages, families, finances, and community life, as well as the darker things—addiction, immorality, catastrophic illness, and even life beyond death.

You will find one thing always happens when God is encountered—lives change.

Film Topics

Films we plan to release over the next two to three years are shown below.



Spirit and Soul



Addiction, Signs & Wonders


Sexual and Emotional Healing


Faith & Healing



Scripture & Living Life


Men, Women & Romance


Warfare, Failure & Deliverance



People, Church and the Spirit.

World On Fire

Prophecy, Missions & History


The Two Messiahs

Beginning: Spirit and Soul

The Christian faith begins as a personal relationship with God, so naturally the first episode begins its’ journey with two examples of how that can happen.

Like any relationship, contact with God affects both the inner and outer aspects of a person’s life. Episode One is comprised of two tightly interwoven stories.

Peggy Medberry’s story depicts how powerfully God can affect the external aspects of our lives, of our work, careers, our finances, and how our talents and gifts can prosper and grow successfully.

HaeJa Crisman’s deals with the intimate aspects of life, of marriage, of family, and of how adequate God is to heal the inner person, and bring them into fulfilling and happy relationships.

Peggy Medberry

Peggy is a fascinating, vibrant, powerful person who has immense capacity for faith and vision, and the ability to make her dreams come true.

She was fortunate enough to have had a wonderful relationship with her father, and a happy childhood. The strength of their relationship, and his ability to inspire her to dream big dreams gave her the capacity to navigate the turmoil of adolescence, and emerge in her twenties as a promising professional actress.

It was not, however, strong enough to save her from two disastrous marriages, and the horrifying news that one of her daughters had been terribly abused. By the time she was thirty, Peggy was destitute, left alone to raise two daughters, and had nowhere to turn for hope.

Peggy is sometimes challenged about the validity of her astonishing encounter with God. She’s frank, genuine, and gets right to the point:

“I don’t know how to tell you God is real. I do know there was a real, powerful presence in that room. I do know that my depression, my failures, my sadness just lifted off me. I do know that it was a bigger love than anything I’d ever experienced in my life. I do know I have a wonderful husband, and a wonderful, fulfilling career.

I do know that sometime later I was a visiting friend, and I asked them if they thought I’d changed. They thought for a moment, then said: “No Peggy you haven’t changed, you’re just much more of who you always were””.

HaeJa Crisman

HaeJa is an attractive, delicate Korean woman, whom many people look to for advice, wisdom, and guidance. She lives in an affluent southern California community, is happily married to a successful businessman, and has two lively, accomplished sons.

Yet she was born in abject poverty to a South Korean peasant family, shortly after the Korean War.

“We were the poorest of the poor. I never knew my parents – they were always out in the fields working. The one thing, the only thing that I ever dreamed of or hoped for was just to have a happy family, and to feel safe and cared for.”

At age fourteen, an aunt who was married to an American soldier and soon after moved with them to America, adopted her. Though life was better, the language barrier, prejudice against Asians, loneliness, and dysfunction in the family dimmed her hopes for a better life in America, and life continued to leave scars on her soul.

She met and married Stuart Crisman in her mid twenties. Their love was genuine, and he was a good, decent man. She felt she now had a chance for the happy life she’d always dreamed of.

And, things did go well until the birth of her first son, which was followed by a year-long bout with post partum depression. Used to struggle, depression, turmoil, and adversity, she coped as she always had, by keeping busy, and burying herself in church activities, social life, and work.

But when her second son was born, and the depression returned worse than before, she knew she was in serious trouble. She knew her marriage and family were at risk. Her inadequacies as a wife and mother, her constant fear of failure, of not making the grade, of just dealing with daily life was just too overwhelming. She simply did not have the inner resources to go through this all over again.

So she cried out, and God showed up.

When people ask HaeJa what practical value “religion” has had, she responds:

“After my experience with God, my fears, my depression was gone, I wasn’t afraid of life, I wanted to live now.

I used to resent my husband; I was bitter that he didn’t treat me the way I wanted him to; but I just love him now. I don’t resent him, I appreciate him. I don’t have to love my husband, I get to love him. I don’t have to love my children, I get to love my children.

I still make mistakes, I still fail, life has its’ ups and downs, but I’m not afraid. I love my family, and they love me.”

Beginning: Spirit and Soul

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